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Next market is Sunday 26th August 2018 9.00am - 1.30pm

26th August 2018, Sunday Morning Market

Markets Calendar 2018- 2019

 Morning Markets
(9.00am to 1.30pm)
Sunday 24th June 2018
Sunday 29th July 2018
Sunday 26th August 2018
Sunday 30th September 2018
Twilight Markets
(5.30pm to 9.00pm)
Saturday 27th October 2018
Saturday 24th November 2018
Saturday 15th December 2018*
Saturday 23rd February  2019
Saturday 30th March 2019
*(these dates are a week early to avoid clashing with Christmas or Easter)



  • Stalls on the roadway are a standard 3x3m. A stall on the footpath and under the awnings is approximately 3m x 1.5m. Stalls on the roadway and on the footpaths attract the same fee.
  • Stallholders must provide their own tables, chairs, cabanas, etc.
  • Power is provided for the Twilight Markets (The twilight stall fee is inclusive of power). A limited number of powered sites are available at the morning markets (A power surcharge of $10 per stall is payable).
  • Old Perth Road Markets may accept or reject any application at its sole discretion. Selection will be on the basis of locality, quality and diversity.
  • Applications to sell goods that compete directly with local shops that may be opening on market day are discouraged.
  • The market managers will allocate the site for all stalls.

Booking a stall

So, you’re interested in having a stall? Great!  We have lots of happy stall holders and we like to look after you. We have been going for a many years and its becoming a regular place to go for people all around the region.


  1. We like to make sure there is a good spread of interesting and quality products for sale at the markets. So before you apply contact our stallholder coordinator: and discuss what it is you want to sell and she’ll give you a heads up if there’s any problem with that. For example we don’t generally take stalls from franchise operations, we don’t have stalls selling second goods and then we also limit the number of stalls selling similar goods, for example candles or soaps etc.
  2. Then commence the Application Process here.  There is a step by step guide here which will prompt you through to get started.
  3. When you submit your application the stall holder coordinator will contact you directly with you booking.
  4. The Application system lets you set up your profile. The profile is your personal storage space. In this you fill out your name, address and all your personal info. It ‘s also where you should upload pohotos of your products, and stories about you and your products.  WE can then use this to promote you and promote the markets. This profile you should also upload your current insurance policy, food permit (if required), Temporary Power Usage Agreement (if required).
  5. An application can only be confirmed when payment has been received.

Stallholder booking assistance

If you are not confident in using the online application system please contact the stallholder coordinator here and they will assist you in setting up an application.

Food/edible product permits

If you are intending to sell goods that are for human consumption then, you need to complete a Temporary Food Business Permit application.  You must forward this directly to Health Services at Town of Bassendean.

Please note, the acceptance of your stallholder application is conditional upon your Temporary Food Business Permit being granted.

Download the Application for a Temporary Food Business Permit (2016/2017) here. (WORD Version allowing you to complete on line)

Download the Application for a Temporary Food Business Permit (2016/2017) here. (PDF Version)

Stall Prices


Single stall – $40.00 per month (unpowered)

At the Sunday morning markets a discount of $5 per month (approx 15%) applies for bookings of three or more consecutive months and fully paid.


Single stall – $50.00 per month (powered)

No discounts are available for the Twilight Markets.

  • Multiple stalls are charged at a multiple of the single stall fee.
  • Stall fees are payable with application and there is no refund.
  • If an application is received without accompanying payment, the application is held but not processed until the payment is received.  Stalls are allocated in the order in which they are received.
  • In the event of a delayed payment the date of receipt of the payment is the date used for allocation purposes.
  • In the event that a market day is cancelled, bookings and fees will be refunded.
  • Three months advance notice will be given of any increase in stall fees.  During that notice period, advance bookings may be made at the old rate for periods up to six months beyond that date the new fees will take effect.
  • Food vendors must also pay an annual notification fee of $110 to the Town of Bassendean.
  • Stalls on the roadway and stalls on the footpaths and under the awnings all attract the standard fee.
  • There is no facility to pay for a stall on the day of the market.


Public liability insurance in mandatory ($10m public liability & $10m product liability, where applicable). We recommend that you take out insurance for a full year which costs around $200 depending on who you go to.  Applications cannot be confirmed and finalised without insurance.

We are able to offer insurance on a month by month basis.  This costs $15.00 per market.

We can offer Casual public liability insurance on a per market day basis. The number of stalls is limited and it is offered on a first come basis. It is available at a flat fee of $15 per stallholder per month. Please inquire when you make your booking.




Power is provided within the price of a twilight market but needs to be purchased separately for a day market.

The cost of power for a day market is $10.

If you will be using power at any stage during the markets it is very important that you read the power agreement and understand the requirements.

Please read the agreement below.

Download Power users agreement – TEMPORARY POWER USER AGREEMENT


Set Up for a market

  • The Old Perth Road will be closed to traffic from 7am on the Sunday Market Day and 3.00pm on the Saturday Market Day. Stall holders must not set up before the road is closed.
  • In order that all stallholders may set up in good time only park alongside your stall in order to offload your stall/stock. Vehicles are then to be removed from the market area.
  • Stalls are required to be set up 15 minutes before the markets are due to start trading and vehicles should be removed from the area 30 minutes before the markets open to the public.
  • Stalls not occupied by opening time may be re-allocated
    • Exclusive parking for stallholders is provided at the end of James Street on the reserve. All other parking areas including the area adjacent to the Bassendean Hotel are reserved for customers and visitors to the market.



Health, Safety and the Environment

  • Stallholders are responsible for the safety of the public within allocated stall area and for the safety of products sold.
  • Stallholders must ensure that all shelters, cabanas, umbrellas, tables, display boards etc. are adequately secured and comply with all safety regulations as requested by the Old Perth Road Market managers. Soft objects (sandbags or plastic water containers) must be used as hold-downs.
  • Keep walkways clear and report any hazards to the Rotary Duty Officer at the information stall.
  • Stallholders must complete an “Incident Report Form” (available from the Rotary Duty Officer) for any and every accident or incident involving third parties.
  • No amplifiers or public address systems are permitted
  • Smoking by stallholders is discouraged.


Closing and Clean up

  • Stallholders are required to remain open until designated closing time.
  • To allow the road to be re-opened in accordance with the terms of our licence areas must be vacated within an hour of the markets close.
  • Stall holders are asked to help keep the area clean and tidy. Please remove all large boxes and packaging materials off the site and do not discharge grey water into the drains along the street.
  • Bins are provided for customer rubbish.


Check out our Facebook!

We update our Facebook regularly with information on stall holders and market news.

3 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

Thinking about spoiling your pooch? Paws Pet Wear will be at the July markets with all the matching accessories you could think of! #oldperthroadmarkets

4 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

Conky the Magic Kangaroo is a children's book series by local author Ken Holman. Visit him at the July market! #oldperthroadmarkets

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Timeline Photos

How incredible are these?! Put your order in with Mirisi Soy Candles and they will customise one of these 4-wick candles just for you! #oldperthroadmarkets

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Timeline Photos

Kinfolk Apothecary will be visiting us again in July! Visit her for all your herby goodness and remedies #oldperthroadmarkets

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LN ceramics will be at the July Markets! Keep an eye out for their stall and more handmade goodies like these bowls #oldperthroadmarkets

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Now is the time to repair and reuse! Come down to the markets this month to visit Repair Cafe Bassendean #oldperthroadmarkets

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Did you know that Zeezbeez sells way more than just honey? 🍯 They have lip balms, hand creams, soaps, furniture polish and more! #oldperthroadmarkets

1 month ago
Timeline Photos

EBikesPlus will be visiting us this July, come down for a test ride! #oldperthroadmarkets

1 month ago
Timeline Photos

This month we are focusing on sustainability 🌱 There will be all your favourite stalls there plus some extra special ones that focus on sustainable living! #oldperthroadmarkets

1 month ago
Photos from Old Perth Road Markets's post

We’re here! ☀️ We’ve got over 50 stalls today so come down and say hi 👋🏻 #oldperthroadmarkets

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Contact Us


0466 388 451


Sweet Treats

Bonini Cakes is just one of our sweet food stall holders who serve up their deliciously fresh tarts, biscuits, cannolis and arancini at the twilight markets.  You will find them located across from the Bassendean hotel on the market strip. 

Delicious paella thanks to Paitumaca!

One of our regular stall holders is food vendor Paitumaca! You will find them at every market serving up their tasty meat and vegetarian paella. A perfect market meal.

Zeez Beez

Sharon Madden form Zeez Beez has been in the business of keeping bees and selling a range of bee related products since 2013.

Sharon originally started with one hive but as her fascination of bees grew, so did number of hives she acquired. She has had experience working with a bee breeder so is very interested in the genetics and breeding of her stock for her hives.

Sharon loves her job and is passionate about helping the survival rates of bees and keeping the bee population healthy. Under the Zeez Beez label she sells a range of honey, honeycomb and bees wax products. Sharon also sells bee hives and related bee keeping products.  She is very proud of the Zeez Beez products because she knows the quality is there.


DeRoo DeLeash


Don’t forget you best furry friend when you are at the market.

Make sure you pick up a treat for them!

Fund Raising? What about a Sausage Sizzle?

Limited opportunities available, so get in quick.

Want to raise funds for your community group based in Bassendean?   Contact the OPRM Team at

Groups must be based in Town of Bassendean and have their own equipment.

Lost Property at the Markets

If you have lost or found anything at the markets visit the Rotary Club of Swan Valley stall, or email

Virtual Markets


How to Find Us

The Old Perth Road Markets are near the Bassendean Train Station, they are just 10 metres away!

Click here for a map and plan of the markets, or follow this link to take you to the Google maps to find directions from Perth City Centre

Our Stalls




The Entertainers

Every month local performers are featured on the main stage at the Markets.  If you want to be part of this great local event, let us know at

After nearly seven years and over 50 market days the booking for stalls are going online!

The system lets you to fill out all your contact details and store you permits, insurance documents and put up photos of your products.  You can pay online and book stalls well ahead.

You start by putting in your email and then you get your personal code number which lets you set up your profile.

Your application is kept in your profile and any future bookings you make will be kept here as well. We really want you to put in some descriptive stories about you and what you make because this will be used to promote the markets over all.

Click on this link for the step by step guide.