Produce & Craft of the Local Region

Next market is Saturday 15th December 2018 5.30pm - 9pm

Some of our Stalls

Over the years we’ve had hundreds of stalls.  Some come for just one occasion, some are always there in summer or always in winter. Some are there every month without fail.

Stall holders have a busy life going to lots of different markets all around Perth,

Here are a few of the stalls which we’ve been lucky enough to host over the years and they give you a good idea of the kind of stalls that you can expect to find at your next visit!


Sharon Madden form Zeez Beez has been in the business of keeping bees and selling a range of bee related products since 2013.

Sharon originally started with one hive but as her fascination of bees grew, so did number of hives she acquired. She has had experience working with a bee breeder so is very interested in the genetics and breeding of her stock for her hives.

Sharon loves her job and is passionate about helping the survival rates of bees and keeping the bee population healthy. Under the Zeez Beez label she sells a range of honey, honeycomb and bees wax products. Sharon also sells bee hives and related bee keeping products.  She is very proud of the Zeez Beez products because she knows the quality is there.



Don’t forget you best furry friend when you are at the market.

Make sure you pick up a treat for them!